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Family‐controlled firms are a crucial pillar of the global economy, accounting for about 80% of companies worldwide. Contrary to conventional wisdom, the larger public family firms have continued to thrive despite the rise of widely‐held public corporations run by professional managers. They currently represent close to a fifth of the companies in the Fortune Global 500. Moreover, the evidence indicates that large family‐controlled businesses returns have on average outperformed widely‐held companies in many countries.

NBC demonstrates that this is also the case in Canada through the NBC Canadian Family Index (TSX: NBCFAM / NBCFAMTR), which tracks the performance of large cap family-controlled companies listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. National Bank Investments also offers an investment product replicating the NBC Canadian Family Index, the NBI Canadian Family Business ETF NFAM (TSX: NFAM). Finally, NBC also publishes thematic reports on The Family Advantage featuring an overview of family-controlled businesses in Canada, the evolution of the NBC Canadian Family Index, as well as interviews with business leaders responsible for the success of some of Canada’s key family-controlled businesses.


Family Advantage — Research Reports
— The NBC Family Advantage Report (Oct. 2020)
— The NBC Family Advantage Report (Sept. 2018)
— The NBC Family Advantage Report  (Oct. 2015)

Press Releases
— National Bank of Canada unveils The Family Advantage Fall 2020 Report (Oct. 2020)
— National Bank Investments Launches Initial Suite of Four Exchange-Traded Funds (Feb. 2019)
— Canadian family-controlled public companies sustainably outperform their widely-held peers (Sept. 2018)
— Landmark NBC Canadian Family Index Launch (Jul. 2017)
— National Bank of Canada unveils a study on Canadian family-controlled public companies (Oct. 2015)

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NBC Canadian Family Index — Documentation
— Index Methodology  
— Index Committee Guidelines 

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NBI Canadian Family Business ETF
— NBI Canadian Family Business ETF (TSX: NFAM) tracking the NBC Canadian Family Index