Products and Services

Our team offers products and services inspired by your evolving needs for customized solutions and services.

Fixed Income

Whether you are a corporation, institution or government-related entity, National Bank Financial Markets is committed to helping you with your needs for interest rate products, debt securities and other fixed income services. We structure, execute and manage risk for a wide range of fixed income solutions.

Our fixed income team provides a full range of services and products that will address your investment and financing needs:

Debt Capital Markets

  • We work closely with our debt specialists to provide our clients with expertise in structuring, pricing, and placing public and private debt instruments, including bond financing for investment grade and high-yield bond issuers.

Sales and Trading

  • We offer a comprehensive sales and trading platform for fixed income, bond market and short-term interest rates products with a focus on yield enhancement and risk mitigation.

You can rely on our experts for:

  • Expert advice on Canadian financial products and delivering products to the domestic and global markets;
  • Dedicated team of professionals with extensive experience in all spectrums of fixed income solutions including debt origination, short-term interest rates, bond market, and infrastructure finance;
  • Top-tier trading team with strong momentum in provincial bond underwriting in Canada;
  • Dominant municipal trading team and leading underwriter of municipal new issues in the country;
  • Strong corporate underwriting and secondary trading capabilities.