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Corval Energy Ltd.

National Bank Financial Inc. (“NBF”) has been engaged by Corval Energy Ltd. (“Corval” or the “Company”) to conduct a corporate sale process for the Company.

The desired structure is a corporate transaction that will include the sale of all of the Company’s common and performance shares outstanding and substantially all of the Company’s assets, liabilities and tax pools. Certain non-Manitoba assets have been excluded from the sales process and are not included in the marketing materials or the data room.

Interested parties are not to contact the Company directly. All communications, inquiries and requests for information relating to Corval should be made directly to a National Bank Financial Inc. representative listed below.

Asset Overview

Confidential Information

Interested parties that execute a confidentiality agreement will receive access to an online data room. 

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Contact List

Arun Chandrasekaran
Head of Energy Investment Banking
403 290-5104 |  

Chris Muldoon 
Director, Investment Banking
403 290-5105 |  

Rahim Daredia, P. Eng.
Director, Engineering
403 290-5437 |

Ian Berman, P.Geo. 
Director, Geology
403 355-1798 |

Michael Corey
Associate, Investment Banking
403 441-7215 |