Confidentiality Policy

Strictly between you and us

A Confidential Matter

At National Bank of Canada1, we have always made it a priority to protect your personal information.

As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure that your rights are fully respected, we have developed policies and procedures aimed at protecting the personal information. Our commitment to privacy is an integral part of our Code of Professional Conduct, to which all Bank employees must strictly adhere.

Moreover, National Bank of Canada has appointed a privacy officer to ensure that the principles in our policies and procedures are strictly observed. You can contact the privacy officer by e-mail at or by regular mail at 700 de La Gauchetière West, transit 4125-1, Montreal, Quebec, H3B 3B5.

1Means National Bank of Canada, its successors and assigns, and all its subsidiaries offering to the public in Canada deposit and lending services, credit, debit and payment cards, trust services, custodial, brokerage, insurance and other personal financial services, including National Bank Trust Inc., National Bank Securities Inc. and Natcan Trust Company. Some subsidiaries may be subject to specific statutes. A list of our main Canadian subsidiaries can be obtained at any National Bank branch.


A Question of Service

To be able to offer you the products and services that are best suited to your needs, we require basic information about you that only you can give. For example, when you open a bank account, we will ask you for your name, address and telephone number. If the account generates interest, we also need your social insurance number to comply with current tax laws. Similarly, as some laws require that we identify you, we will need to obtain certain information concerning your identity documents and to record some of that information. Lastly, if you would like advice on investment, credit or trust products, we need to know specific financial information about your file in order to serve you properly. Other types of information, such as the state of your health, enable us to check your eligibility for certain types of products. In certain situations, collection of your personal information may be done by one of our service providers, on our behalf.

With your consent, we may also obtain information directly from a third party to help us determine your eligibility for our financial products and services. For credit products, for example, it is essential that we know your financial worth and your credit record. We will therefore contact other lenders, financial institutions, credit bureaus and employers.

In most cases, your consent is given on the forms used for specific products or, from time to time, on a separate form. You will notice that the declaration of consent is clear and unambiguous. We suggest that you read it over and, if you have any questions, please ask the staff at your branch or write to us at

Your refusal to give consent could prevent us from acting on your behalf, and you may be refused a particular product or service as a result. However, once you have been granted credit, we cannot withdraw your consent to disclose information about your credit record to other lenders and to credit bureaus. This measure is designed to preserve the integrity of the credit lending process.


A Question of Identification

We also need your social insurance number to comply with tax legislation. For example, if you open an account that generates interest or if you invest in a retirement savings plan or retirement income fund, we will ask for your social insurance number so that we can issue tax receipts.

Your social insurance number also helps us identify you with financial institutions, public registries, regulatory authorities and bodies, employers and professionals. It can also enable us to distinguish your information from that of other clients whose name may be similar to yours. This differentiation is particularly important when we have to check your creditworthiness. Although you are not required to disclose your social insurance number for identification purposes, we think it is in your interest to do so.


A Question of Choice

We will obtain your consent in order to offer you, through telemarketing2 or otherwise, financial products and services that are likely to interest you or meet your needs. Your personal information may also be conveyed to our subsidiaries and, in certain cases, carefully selected business partners3 so that they, too, may offer you their products and services in the same way. The consent you provide for this purpose has precedence over the National Do Not Call List4.

If you do not wish to be informed about our financial products and services, simply notify your branch, TelNat, your representative at the subsidiary where you do business or any of our partners to have your name removed from the list prepared by the Bank, subsidiary or partner for such purpose. This choice will not impact the service you receive in any way.

However, taking this step will not prevent the Bank from sending you regulatory inserts and printing messages on your statement of account or ABM receipts, or our employees from providing you with information about our products and services in person.

2Telemarketing consists in using telecommunication installations to make non-solicited telephone calls or send non-solicited faxes to consumer for solicitation purposes.
3Here's our partners. For further information abourt our partners, you can call 1-888-9MYCARD (toll free):

Coverdell Canada

MemberWorks Canada is a leading marketing solutions company whose programs are designed to offer consumers a combination of everyday savings, event-oriented discounts and peace-of-mind benefits. Memberworks partner with leading, brand-name merchants and service companies to offer consumers valuable packages of members-only benefits through a diverse array of membership and loyalty programs.

Carlson Marketing

Carlson Marketing Group Canada Ltd. is a world-leader in developing relationship marketing strategies that build stronger bonds between our clients their customers, channel partners, and employees.

Carlson Marketing is expert at creating, marketing and delivering stand-alone products and innovative features, in collaboration with clients, to enhance customer relationships by providing highly valued assistance services and lifestyle benefits. Each strategy is tailor-made to fit the unique needs of the Customer.

4For further information about the National Do Not Call List, go to or call 1-866-580-DNCL.


A Question of Respect

Under certain circumstances, we must disclose your information to third parties. When doing so, however, we take care to ensure your information is protected.

If required to serve you

In order to offer you our products and services, we must occasionally disclose information about you to third parties such as credit bureaus, our subsidiaries or affiliates, or some of our service providers.

If, for instance, you authorize us to convey information concerning your creditworthiness or credit record to other lenders or to credit bureaus, the only information disclosed is your identity and your ability to meet your financial obligations.

In order to offer you our products and services and to comply with the measures necessary to manage risks and update your client profile, we sometimes disclose your personal information to other subsidiaries or affiliates of National Bank of Canada where permitted by law. We inform them of changes to be made to your file, which simplifies and accelerates the processing of your applications and transactions. Information about your health, which is disclosed when you sign up for an insurance product, is not accessible to the other National Bank of Canada subsidiaries or affiliated companies.

In providing certain services to you, such as printing cheques or issuing bank cards, we occasionally use suppliers, some of which may be located outside of Canada, namely in the United States. When applicable, these suppliers will only have access to the information they need to provide the service. We require a formal commitment from them to respect the confidentiality of any such information.

If you have questions concerning the services rendered by our suppliers or the countries from which they may have access to your personal information for the purposes explained herein, please contact the Privacy officer at the above-mentioned address.

If required by law

We are legally bound to disclose information about you when we or one of our service providers receives a valid request, search warrant, subpoena or other government or court order. These requests may come from Canadian or foreign authorities, most likely American.

If we must protect the bank's interests

In cases where we are involved in court proceedings, we may have to disclose, on our own initiative, personal information about you. Moreover, if we must return an NSF cheque, a third party would then know that your account is overdrawn. Similarly, if we must use a collection agency, a third party could then deduce that you are not meeting your financial obligations to us.

If public interest is endangered

It is our duty to denounce criminal activity such as fraud or money laundering. In all such cases, authorities will be contacted and personal information could be disclosed at that time.


A Question of Access

You can consult your personal information that we have on file free of charge. Simply submit a request in writing to your branch, subsidiary representative or by using the E-mail option of the menu of your Internet Banking Solutions profile.

We will respond to your request within thirty (30) days.


A Question of Accuracy

We will do our utmost to keep your personal information up to date, but we ask that you help us by notifying us of any change in your information. In addition, if you notice any errors or inaccuracies, please let us know and we will make the necessary corrections. If we have conveyed incorrect information to third parties, we will do everything possible to bring these corrections to their attention.


A Question of Security

We take the necessary precautions to prevent your information, regardless of its form or location from being lost, destroyed, stolen, consulted, disclosed, copied, used or altered without authorization. We have implemented various security measures, such as:

  • Physical measures: Including the protection of infrastructure, such as ensuring that access to our premises is secure, and that equipment is in a secure location.
  • Administrative measures: Aimed at limiting access to your personal information. Only employees who need to consult your information for work purposes may do so.
  • Technical measures: Such as closely managing passwords and using a firewall.

Moreover, the passwords, user codes and personal identification numbers (PIN) you use to access certain financial services are confidential and you are the only one who knows them. Our employees have no way of accessing this information and will never ask you for it. You should never disclose your passwords, user codes or PINs, or include personal information in e-mails. We invite you to consult the ABCs of Security on our website at


A Question of Document Retention and Destruction

Your personal information is kept only for as long as the service is provided. The retention period may vary, depending on the product or service offered. Even if you stop doing business with us, we might keep some information in order to, among other reasons, comply with laws, settle future transactions or look up past transactions. When this information is no longer necessary, it is destroyed. When destroying documents, we follow strict procedures and ensure that only authorized personnel has access to them.


Any Questions?

If you have questions or comments regarding how your personal information is managed, contact the Customer Service Manager at your branch, TelNat, your subsidiary representative or write to us at one of the following addresses:

  • Privacy Officer
    700 de La Gauchetière West
    Transit 4125-1
    Montreal, Quebec, H3B 3B5.

For further information on this subject, consult the “For better banking relations with you” pamphlet, available at all our branches. In it you will find a complete description of the complaint settlement process and information on how you can contact the Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments.

You also have the option of contacting the Privacy Commissioner of Canada at the following address:

Privacy Commissioner of Canada
112 Kent St.
Place de Ville
Tower B, 3rd Floor
Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 1H3.

Telephone: (613) 947-1698
Toll-free: 1-800-282-1376

National Bank of Canada takes privacy seriously and ensures that all the necessary measures are in place to protect your personal information.