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A Canadian financial services provider helping clients with their capital raising, risk management and advisory requirements.

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National Bank Financial Markets

  • Denis Girouard

    Co-Head, Financial Markets
    Tel.: 514-879-5300
    E-mail: denis.girouard@nbc.ca

  • Laurent Ferreira

    Co-Head, Financial Markets
    Tel.: 514-394-4599
    E-mail: laurent.ferreira@nbc.ca

  • Brian Davis

    Co-President and Co-Chief Executive Officer, National Bank Financial
    Tel.: 416-869-8817 / 514-879-2233
    E-mail: bdavis@nbc.ca

Credit Capital Markets

Fixed Income

Institutional Equities

Investment Banking and Mergers & Acquisitions

Investment Products Solutions

  • Nicolas Patard

    Equity Derivatives / Structured Products - Sales
    Tel.: 514-394-8561
    E-mail: nicolas.patard@nbc.ca

  • Frederic Viger

    Equity Derivatives / ETF & Options - Sales
    Tel.: 514-879-6401
    E-mail: frederic.viger@bnc.ca

  • Isabelle Limoges

    Rates Derivatives / Structured Products - Sales
    Tel.: 514-879-2500
    E-mail: isabelle.limoges@nbc.ca

Risk Management Solutions


Business Intelligence